new writing projects

Learning how to live, learning how to die: second volume of poetry

In my second volume of poetry (anticipated release July 2021 – 3 years after my debut book of poetry) I write about navigating life “back in the real world.” It is divided into three major sections (in honor of the three year mark since I initially published my first book) – please, please purchase a copy if you have not done so (paperback pretty please!) and check out my GoodReads review page for authentic reviews, it would help me tremendously. The three sections of my new book of poetry are:

Part I , more songs of pain

Part II, the flesh of strangers

Part III, I need art like I need God

How not (not) to be a widow: a memoir

How not (not) to be a widow is a book I am currently working on. I have been working on it (in some capacity) since Jacob died – but in a more precise means, I have started writing more formally on individual chapters for the past six months. It is incredibly painful – more so than the poetry was – because writing poetry is the equivalent of being an abstract visual artist (hear me out) – the brush stroke and the line has emotion – the expression does not come from the narrative but the raw emotion of the stroke (e.g., Mark Rothko is a brilliant example.) So, chapters ebb and flow, the topics include things like tinder dates, sexual assault, getting lost in Istanbul, losing my passport in Nepal, writing Jacob’s eulogy, breaking my wrists punching cement because I was in such a state of rage. You know – the good stuff? And then It of course always brings back my story of losing Jacob. I titled it How not (not) to be a widow because it implies that there is no good way to be a widow – and the only hold up in this book is not getting income to create it – which is why I started blogging again, hoping a publisher would get a sense of my writing and perhaps offer a book deal. Pipe dreams, eh? But – I did get a call back from fucking Daniel Johnston so – what is the harm?

The Yellow Rose of Texas

My first book of fiction (written in a manic episode in two weeks in 2019). Reviewed and edited by professional editor and finalizing the first manuscript draft currently.