These words of grief poured out of me like water. the first six months of Jacob’s death all I could do was write and write and write… and I wasn’t the poet, he was. Little did I know this book would change my life forever and in ways almost through magical realism.

My Groans Pour Out Like Water, Frances Bloom

At the age of 25, Frances Bloom came home to find her spouse, childhood sweetheart, best friend, and the love of her life, dead in their shared home. Within the backdrop of the American South, Bloom’s debut book of poetry deals with the first six months of loss. Bloom writes about grief, love, depression, mania, and making sense of the ills of all this living.

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Legendary musician Daniel Johnston reading my book of poetry, August 2019 (one month before his death)

MY BOOK OF POETRY , which lead to the legendary Daniel Johnston contacting me and as a result we became close friends and I was his caretaker for over a year (total mind fuck because I wouldn’t even know about Daniel Johnston if it weren’t for Jacob) can be purchased here:

P.S. * see postcard below from famous author David Sedaris commenting on his favorite poems in my book

Famous author David Sedaris sends me a letter about my book of poetry

Famous author David Sedaris sends a postcard of his favorite poems from my book of poetry